Sunday, January 22, 2012

Primanti Bros.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to visit Pittsburg for the day with some friends. We had lunch at a place called Primanti Bros. This place has been featured on the Travel Channel on shows like “Man vs. Food,” and for good reason: the sandwiches are outstanding! Everything from the bread, to the cheese, to the meat, to the French fries and cole slaw which tops every sandwich, is fresh and amazingly delicious.

Every sandwich is made with fresh bread, baked “in house.” Each sandwich also comes with provolone cheese and fresh tomatoes. What sets Primanti Bros. sandwiches apart from all others though is that they top each sandwich with French fries and cole slaw. The French fries are perfect; hand-cut and fried until they develop a deep golden brown crunch. The cole slaw is a vinegar-based slaw that is a little on the sweet side.

The sandwich I got had cappricola and a fried egg on it. This was, without a doubt, one of the best sandwiches I’ve ever had. I will be dreaming about this sandwich for at least the next week. The salt and pepper from the cappricola is perfectly balanced by the sweet, acidic cole slaw. The softness of the thick-cut bread is offset by the crunch of the French fries. And on top of everything else, there’s the richness of the fried egg. The egg is the only thing I would change about my sandwich. I would have liked the yolk to be a bit runnier. Nevertheless, it was still very, very delicious.

Primanti Bros. offer a variety of different sandwiches ranging from an egg sandwich, to pastrami, to roast beef, to bacon, to Philly cheesesteak. Any of their sandwiches can have a fried egg and/or double meat added to them. And as I’ve already mentioned, every sandwich comes with provolone cheese, tomato, fries, and cole slaw. You can order your sandwich without any of the standard toppings, but the staff frowns on that, and for good reason. Each topping serves a specific purpose on the sandwich and your sandwich experience will not be the same if it’s missing any one of them.

This is an amazing sandwich and I highly recommend you try it. There are a variety of Primanti Bros. locations to choose from in the Pittsburg area.

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